tuition services

Wondering about how the skies are everchanging? Wondering how the future may be like for one? Wondering why certain subjects are compulsory when they dont make sense to one in reality? These are concerns that Cher V had heard almost every learner have during their conquest in their major academic milestones.

You may be a parent or a student looking for tuition services, for a tutor that can make learning easier. Cher V had been exploring different ways to look at how a student learns. Through the lens of a student, Cher V tries her very best to work out ways to unlock a learner’s potential and mental blocks.

Cher V has the various skillset and can cater to a wide array of subjects and levels. Her services are usually on demand if she has an existing class for the subject you are looking at, you are welcome to join. Enquires are always welcome and she will try her best to see if she can cater to you. She offers one to one, and group tuition in the East and West. There are face to face and online lessons available.

Please do take note that her group classes are two to start, and the bigger the group, the lower her fees! So, get a few friends to trial with her now!

*trial lesson is free for all group tuition.

PSLE science

P3 to the highest level of our primary school

Secondary science

Lower secondary science

Upper secondary | Combined Biology | Combined Physics | Pure Physics

Secondary Maths

Sec 1 – 4E / 5NA

Elementary Maths | Additional Maths

Secondary English

Upper Secondary only. O and N applicable

Private candidates are also welcome!