Tuition Fees for 2018


Fees are for a total of 4 lessons, 2 hours each.

Please note that there will be  :

  1. The size of each class will be capped at a maximum of 4 students (unless there is special circumstances, classes will be capped at 6) to ensure proper delivery of materials and maximise interactions between our teachers and students.
  2. There will be a test conducted at the end of every two lessons, hence, the lesson may be extended for 30 minutes. Please enquire with the chers in charge for your child.
  3. Registration fees of $10 when you register with us.
  4. $10 for printing materials that will be collected every semester or part thereof.
  5. $80 of security deposit for every subject signed up for. This security deposit will be deducted from the last cycle of lessons of the academic year.

Drop a text @ Cher V : 91822903 with regards to ongoing class and class schedules, or you can look at current class schedule here.