The very first step. ( Completed )


Donation drive DEC 2016 | student initiated 

In December 2016, Gan, one of Cher V’s student decided to initiate a small donation drive for the children from a Children’s home. She wanted to do a back to school back pack for the children belonging to low income families. She approached Cher V with her ideas, asking for opinions and direction.

One step lead to another, and they had a very rewarding experience.

First hurdle : Legal age limitation

Most children from the Children’s homes in Singapore fall under the law protection order which ensures that all home volunteers have to be above the legal age of 18 or even 21. Since Gan and her friend were both below this legal age they were initially rejected by many homes when they approached them with their ideas. However, with a bit more searching and a little more help from Cher V, both teens managed to find homes who were very welcoming and appreciative of the volunteers who approach them and of their funding ideas and activities.

These are some links to the above mentioned homes:


Compilation of children homes on MSF

Chen Su Lan Methodist children home 

Second hurdle : Finding the right kind of target audience 

After encountering rejections from the homes, Gan was a little disappointed. Cher V remembers vividly about how frustrated Gan was with regards to the legal age limit barrier that she couldn’t surpass to carry out her ideas. Cher V kept quiet and observed how Gan handled the calls and started planning on the items that she wanted to put into the bag. After a couple of days, Cher V managed to aid Gan in linking up with a friend, a Social worker at AWWA (Hougang) . The small team was lucky to have met a passionate Ms So, who glad and willing to work with Gan and her ideas. The students that the fundraising reached out to were mainly under financial assistance scheme under AWWA, and are children with special needs.

whatsapp-image-2016-12-02-at-00-00-46Third hurdle : Raising funds 

Initially, Gan planned on creating for 30 back to school backpacks.  However, since the centre was caring for a total of 50 student, Ms So requested if it was possible to get 50 bag packs instead. Without any hesitation, Gan just took up the request. Upon further research in 2 places, namely Decathlon and Popular, they managed to come up with a budget of $30 per bag. This meant, they needed to raise $1500 worth of funds.

And fund raise they did. In fact, the fund raising was so well received, that they managed to get a total of $2050 instead.

P.S.: To those who donated, Gan and Cher V are very grateful for your kind donations! Without your involvement, this movement would not have been a grand success!

Fourth Hurdle : Procurement 

So, how to get 50 back packs filled with stationary? Find a transport and extra helpers! Cher V was really lucky to have a supportive pal, Mr Wong, who offered his lorry services. They then headed of to both the destinations to get all the necessary supplies.

They even managed to do personalized handmade key chains for each individual student.


Crossing the finishing line : 

On the day of the event itself, it was refreshing to see both Gan and her friend so happy just by giving out the bags and the smiles on the students faces who received their backpacks.

And the event was a great success! Apologies for the limited photography by Cher V! We even managed to get a Macdonald’s happy meal for every single student, and a IKEA gift card for the staffs to furnish the place with the remaining money from the Fundraiser.

With lots of well wishes, we sincerely hope there will be another Fundraising drive! Any more crazy ideas to help out the society just like Gan? Gan is a perfect example of not allowing age nor inexperience to limit your ideas if you have one to help the society! Approach Cher V with your ideas and you never know, you might just be featured in the next post!


Our team on the way back home…