The other teachers – our like minded comrades!

Who are the other teachers in Cher V’s tuition group?

Cher V is glad to introduce two of her associates that will be joining Cher V’s tuition services. Namely, Cher Dar and Cher Maine! Cher Dar and Cher Maine are associates that Cher V saw have similar passion and faith in humanity, hence, she asked them on board to join her kiddos and her projects.


For the year 2018.

Due to study commitments, both Cher Dar (leaving for the States) and Cher Maine will not be available for the next academic year 2018. (much sadness. =( ). Nevertheless, Cher V wishes the best to her two associates for their future endeavours. Cher V will be the only one that will be handling the classes for the new academic year 2018.