Testimonials from the students for Cher V


Not just academically but morally. Not a teacher but a mentor. Not just ice cream but a buffet. — Gan (Emaths, Physics 2017)

A very caring and friendly teacher, Cher v connects well with her students so to make the lesson fun and interesting. — Chia Yee (Emaths 2017)

Before joining Teacher Vivian’s classes, my strength and confidence in Math and Physics was low. Thanks to Cher V who have been patiently guiding me through my N levels, I feel much more confident in the subjects now. Through all of Cher V’s classes, I have learned more about the different techniques I can apply in my exams. Thanks to her, my grades have improved tremendously. — Jean (Emaths, Physics 2017)

Cher v is a very professional tutor who constantly seeks to bring out every child’s fullest potential and constantly makes sure that they improve after every lesson.Her lessons are also very engaging and I feel that she has a very effective way of teaching. I used to fail my mathematics badly but after the help of Cher V my confidence in maths has improved and I have scored way better marks than before! — Brandon (Emaths 2017)

Cher V is a really caring teacher who had made me re-loved the subject of maths and physics too! She strives to do the best she can for us, students and also she likes to joke around with us🙂 Even though there were times where I had difficulties doing math she would also push me to strive harder so as to get a better grade in school. Throughout the 4-5 months of lessons with her, i have learned about resilience and determination.                                                       —- Xiang Ying (Emaths, Physics 2017)


Honestly speaking Miss Vivian aged 26 this year(2016) is a strong and dependable teacher that is willing to help out student at a moments notice. She also strives to help her student built their confidence and strong foundations helping the students in both their academic and their social lives.  —– Edison (sec 3 Emaths, Sci Phy 2016)

Miss Vivian as a tutor is a very engaging teacher and is open to ideas to new techniques that the student might have to improve his/her studying experience. She also teaches well and can make a student show breathtaking results within a year.

—– Brandon (sec 3 Emaths, Sci Bio 2016)

A teacher, a friend. —- Gan ( Sec 3 Emaths, Sci Phy, 2016)

A very cheerful and enthusiastic person, Teacher V strives to teach students in a very “cocky” way such that her students can at the same time, learn new things and also enjoy each lesson. —– Jelene (PSLE science, maths 2016)

A caring teacher who takes the time to get to know and understand you to teach you. She is a really fun teacher that makes lessons with her fun and interesting. She can get serious when its really needed like when I had PLSE she stayed up with her class to teach them late at night. —- Brice (PSLE student, 2013)