Testimonials for Cher Dar from students

Cher Dar is a teacher who i think is also a professional teacher.Despite the amount of stress of her University work, which i would assume is alot,she priorities us and continues to push us through the tests and papers,her worksheets are also very informative and i feel that her teaching method and style is suitable for teaching teenagers as she knows how each of us learns and adapts to us learn better which I find not many teachers are capable of doing, and she did it. — Brandon (English, Chemistry 2017)

Cher Dar is a really out-going and friendly teacher! She makes the class an enjoyable one especially when she jokes around with us! She teaches me both English and Chemistry! Throughout the lesson she would always make sure that we understand what she’s teaching & by making sure, she would test us on the spot! — Xiang Ying (English, Chemistry 2017 )

Miss Darishna is a teacher who is kind and her ability to connect with her student make it so that her lessons are fun and interesting this has lead to her lessons being easy to learn as she makes her lessons to the needs of her student she is also very cheerful teacher making her lesson enjoyable to her student —- Edison ( English, 2016)