Teaching Style of Cher V

cher-v“Have fun when you study, laugh out loud, play a lot, and its okay to fool around, so long as you complete what you are supposed to do today, and you are free to go.” Cher V is known, especially with her boys, for requesting them to finish their work before they leave her home. They know very well that there is no chance she will allow them to return the next lesson without their homework done.

Usually filled with laughter, and the occasional fun yelling, her class consists of her unique way of engaging her students to be more interested in the subjects. Her motto is simple: engage students to like learning (yes learning) and spread the love and passion in learning to not just academics but beyond.

It is the spirit in learning that counts.

Lessons will go according to the school’s progress. She track students’ progress through questioning of previous concepts at random and drills student’s skills by using challenging questions generated from school papers.

Cher V uses a student lead teaching platform in which, the lessons will be versatile to facilitate the learning progress of the student. This is only possible through the small class size and her many years of experience from teaching(”aka kung fu gao gao”).

What is a student lead platform?

This is a concept adapted from the works of an admirable pal, Coach Darren, an advocate for Forest School Singapore. In the forest school sessions, he conducts sessions with a unique pedagogy of child lead play . Through the interaction with his facilitation, Cher V saw the glow in the children’s eyes when they are able to learn at their own pace, and have the ‘freedom’ to do what they want.

Inspired, Cher V adapted his facilitation style into her own teaching style. Student lead platform allows students in her class to choose the lesson that they want for the day. This allows better integration of student engagement and student interest in the subject which eventually shows through their improvement of results.