Teaching Style of Cher Maine


Starting from 2018, Cher Maine will be going with full commitment towards her academics and other work opportunities. Cher V had been in low spirits that Cher Maine is leaving but nevertheless, supports Cher Maine for her future endeavors! Jiayous Cher Maine!

Principles of Account

Hello! I am Germaine and I am currently an undergraduate student. Education is an area in which I find is interesting as it is a means to transfer knowledge and allow student to develop an interest in learning. Principles of Accounting (POA) is a subject that I have always been interested in due to my interest in business. I enjoyed the subject and want to help students that are weak in the subject to develop a liking and score well in it by showing them how applicable it is to our lives. For example, the knowledge of shareholders involved in decision-making of a firm can allow them to better understand how a firm works and can increase their knowledge on related areas.