Question of the week

The story : 

Hidden in a a small corner in Singapore, Question of the week aka qotw had been a baby initially just a lepak ideas with its creator, the crazy Vivian and her mate Darren, whom pushed it to learn how to communicate with the world, with questions.

Qotw, had fallen down, and picked itself up with a close knitted community, showered with love, concerns to combat against insecurities and fear.

Qotw had fallen in love with the responses of its comrades and love them for who they are.

Currently Qotw had entered her second season.

What is Question of the week all about? 

In the new world of mass media and social media, there is a challenge of understanding by the masses to understand beyond that of the feeds from the media. There had been many controversies that the masses ingest what the media feeds without any resolve to seek the truth beyond the ‘lies’.

Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up. Vendetta (Evey Hammond)

Qotw hopes to bring in deeper thoughts and insights to bring out more about each individuals unique outlook and mindset not just to the current affairs, but also to bring out the individuality in everyone that is involved. Basically to break away from the ‘robotic mechanism / society’.

Where is Question of the Week heading towards ? 

With this uprising trend that the public had been misinformed and/or had the tendency of not having deeper thoughts with current affairs, qotw hoped to be an active forum in the future. A weekly forum where thoughts can be flowed to each and every individual with openness and ever learning, inquisitive mentality.

Remembering how freedom writers, Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers are a teacher and 150 students who changed the course of their lives through writing. QOTW hopes to bring out the same spirit by asking each individuals about concepts that ranges from daily life routines to deep and philosophical topics.

Interested and intrigued? You can get yourself acquainted with us through our Facebook here : Question of the week  .