Cher V

Some days, Cher V is Vivian Lum herself.

Some days, Cher V is a tutor, Vivian’s alter ego.

Here, Cher V is a coach and a mentor to her students, on an unconventional way to educate the youths that she is involved in their quest for knowledge and an insight to their wisdom.

When philosophy, sociology, can be incorporated in her class, her students are set to walk on the paths that are beyond that of the school. Her motto of ‘keep going’, rings in their ears every now and then when they thought of giving up and/or procrastinate kicks in. (hey! everyone procrastinate, so its all about managing their time).

One of her kiddos did mentioned this :

Ahahahah thanks mentor for helping me through thick and thins and challenging me to bring me to greater heights, and ik what you always like to say when i complain about the challenge being too hard”if i dont give you hell,you wouldn’t know what’s heaven” 😉 thank you very very much :)) and i havr a quote dedicated to u :)) “helping a person might not change the world but it might change the world for that person” thanks for being such an inspiration :))


Request for a sit in trial session and see how she interact with her children. To know more about her style of teaching, you can find more here. .