Humblebees : a movement, a mission

beeWhat is Humblebees ? 

Humblebees is set up by Cher V and her dependable associates. It is a movement orientated organisation.

The purpose? To spread humility and empathy to the general masses.

Humility  Frustrations and losses have less impact on a humble ego and a humble person confidently receives opportunity to grow, improve, and reject society‘s labels. A humble life results in contentment, patience, forgiveness, and compassion. Humility understands individual limitations. – The Hidden Power of Humility

Basically, Humblebees (HBS) is both a for profit and not for profit  organisation, which is versatile to cater the needs of its clientele or that of the masses that it is engaging in.

It is getting ambiguous here. To illustrate it further, think about the purpose of the bees in the ecosystem. The bees are the miracle creation of Mother Nature to ensure that there is constant fertilization between the multi-cellular photosynthesizing organisms (the trees), for the fruit bearing process. This ensure that the cycle of nature will continue, ensuring the survival of organisms.

Coming back to us; Humblebees aims to be a unique group of individuals that will continue the pollination and seeds of hope for flowers (individuals) who comes in their path. This is an aim to cultivate deep reflections, deep critical thinking to better themselves (our wars are always within ourselves, not the environment. Change your mentality, you change your outcome). This in turn, betters the environment it is in. Call it a ‘pay it forward‘ philosophy.

Still confused? You can take a look at our other pages under Humblebees. Sometimes, the actions speaks more than words. If not, either join us for a session or treat Ms Vivian for a kopi during a kopitalk session.

What do we do? 

In this space, you can find various ‘out of the box’ movements that you can participate in. This can range from  workshops and camps to other initiatives and projects . There are many talented associates that Ms Vivian keeps in touch with. If you have something in mind, approach us and see how we can connect the dots together.

The collaboration with Forest School Singapore (Forest School Projects)

In the midst of searching for like minded organisations, Humblebees is fortunate to have met an amazing group of people with harmonious energy and vibe, the Forest School.

More can be discovered here.


To get a taste of what we can do take a look at the pages below :

Our flights :

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  • In the making : P.S (sneaks coming up in November).
    • Donation drive end 2017
    • Platform for ‘Spring cleaning’

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