Holiday Camp – the Earth series

Hi there! Welcome to the Earth holiday camp series.

This Earth camp series, will be a bridge to showcase mother nature and may we be blessed with nice weather for each participants to explore unique nature pockets in the south and west of Singapore. By using 4 senses, touch, hear, sight and scent. Learners will explore not just nature (including of sky), they will be engaged with experiential observation. Not just that, they will also be in pockets of conversational learning*. This guarantees that each camp, will be unique to each participant with accordance to their interests.

*conversational learning : using her expertise and wide knowledge, Cher V will be able to bring about science concepts into the real world and engages her audience to think and learn accordance to their interests.

Objectives :

  1. encourage learners to be and bring learning out of the academic textbooks
  2. carefully crafted to cater to any experience that can be related to PSLE science syllabus
  3. an introduction and a bridge to certain topics > exploration and learning

Day series

age group suitable : 8 to 12

Camp Gaia [ South camp]

9.00am to 12.30pm (+/-)
Camp Terra [North camp]

9.00am to 12.30 pm (+/-)
Dates Camp Gaia 1
23 and 24 Nov

Camp Gaia 2
26 and 27 Nov
Camp Terra 1
31st Nov and 1st Dec

Camp Terra 2
3rd and 4th Dec
LocationHort park and Southern Ridges

Kent Ridge park
Sungei Buloh

Kranji > Yew tee corridor
Drop off
and pick up point

Labordor Park Mrt station
Exit A stair case

Kranji Mrt Station
Exit A towards Singapore Turf Club

Night series :

Lunar Trek * 8pm to 8 am *
1 night |overnight trek

age group suitable : 9 and up

Bringing learning out into a 50/50 space of concrete jungle and nature.

Location : Singapore Flyer > West coast park

Drop off point : Singapore Flyer

Pick up point : West coast park Macdonalds

For registration, please note that you are to get ready using payment methods of Paynow or Paylah!. ( If you do not have the stated payment method, please drop us an email before proceeding with the registration at:

For all camp and trek series for safety and covid measures protocol, programs are 5 to start and will close at a maximum of 15 participants.

For the official things like : attire and things to bring please click on the following links.

Side notes of what inspired this camp series:

Cher V had always loved outdoor and bringing learners out of the classroom during school holidays. She had brought quite a number of her students to nature trails. From the recently popular jurong line in Clementi woods, to Alishan trail in Taiwan. She doubles up as a facilitator, and a guide, and somewhat a supporter for the younger ones to ensure safety and yet trust them to go through certain obstacles. It takes a little bit of patience(to pace the kid), a little bit of trust(to give space for them to walk through the whole journey on their own), and a little bit of luck (weather and sightings of unique stuffs including meteor shower). The whole motive is to allow every single individual to explore and be a little different from themselves when enveloped by nature instead of the stiffening concrete jungle.

Treks were strictly offered for her students before. However. Covid 19 had pushed her to open up to the public, and create an Earth camp series for awareness and appreciation of mother Earth herself. With so much changes to the tempo of the lifestyle in 2020, and the coping mechanism within the young minds of how much had changed. Perhaps, a short trip down to absorb some vitamin D from the Sun may help improve their spirits.

As an educator, and a sister of the Forest School Singapore, Cher V knows that nature had a unique way of balancing our inner thoughts and emotions. Likewise, they are the best teacher we can learn from. With her [mother nature] wealth of knowledge, and with Cher V’s facilitation, we hope that the participants will learn beyond their textbooks and invoke the little ‘Newton’ in them.