her story

Rainfall douses the land with a force unknown to many. Harness within the power of water lies the key element that would be called upon, Cher V.

Cher, an affectionate way of calling a Teacher, that most Singaporean can relate to. It is a lingo that we use for our teachers in school growing up. A true organic student lingo. It was at those moments, that Vivian found her calling to be the work of development.

Cher V was born in 2012, but officiated into an entity in 2016. After many years working in student care and tuition, Vivian felt a huge desire to change our education landscape. She believes in the life mentorship of her young padawan (learners), providing a sanctuary that they can be themselves. In the volatile and dynamic teenage years, many students experience a kind of uncertainty crucial to their development, much like the ones we experience. What were our teenage years like? How do we approach our education then? Did we have the blessing of an authentic and truthful mentor?

Vivian wanted to be that mentor who could work with her teens not only in the academic development, but also their cognitive and philosophical life. The variation of teenage years, prove quite a challenge for most organisations and people working with youth. But for Vivian and her wide range of curiosity since young, this element turned into an asset in her engagement with her students.

Marching on through the land, her fluid water like strength, lifted many young teens. But this isn’t enough, as there are much more in the society that she wishes to touch and infect. Cher V provided the elements. The elements of Open Discussion, Active Listening and Empathy. It also became a space where other Teachers develop these elements, even her teenagers step up to be mentors to other teens. A Kampong (Village) space, for teens by teens.

To Vivian, it is more important that her student grow up to be thinking and reflective young adults than one who runs in the rat race. Yes, they need to work hard to achieve academic performances of their desire, but at the same time she pushes and triggers them to think for themselves and others, to become an asset to themselves and others. When Examination results return, Vivian always gets anxious. As big as her dream and vision maybe, the reality of our education and society cannot be avoided. The doubts are real. But she persisted. Cher V persists.

Cher V receives youths who has respect for adversaries. Cher V will be a sanctuary for the students who left home, deterred from school or expelled. Cher V will be a sanctuary for the students who are socially defined with behavioural issues or even special needs. Cher V will be their sanctuary.

Rainfalls once more, outside a little hut in Tai Tung (Taiwan). Sat in her arm chair, Vivian will look far into the rain clouds. On that day, she has completed her journey of impact through the eyes of the students, using the very water she holds dear.