Cher V Group Tuition Mechanism

Group tuition mechanism

Many tutors and parents prefer a one to one teacher and student ratio. However, for Cher V, she realized early on that there are many elements that aid in the learning process for students in small study groups. She prefers teaching in a group as the group dynamics is something that she will never forget during her own days as a student. She loved the times where she had tuition in a small class with her buddies taught by crazy fantastic tutors (fantastic people whom she was inspired by to carry out this unique profession).

She has a handful of students that were transferred from her private lessons to her group tuition.

You can read more here, with regards to the pros and cons of a group tuition.

Learning from one another.

Cher V cannot emphasis enough , how many times she has bear witness to amazing moments where her kiddos support each other especially during tests and exams periods. They share the knowledge they have gained. The one stronger in one subject will guide their peers giving additional ways to explain the same concept and as a whole enhancing the learning experience for everyone. That synergy always brightens up everyone’s day. 

Support systems like these are hard to find especially in the new generation of students where many are always on the phone and not keen to interact. Thanks to Cher V, many of her students are able to interact, gain support and learn from each other. 

Implementation of | Finish work before you leave | practice 

Cher v and her associates can accomplish a lot in 2 hours. However, to encourage the information attain by the students to retain in their brains, practices have to be done by the kiddos themselves. With private one to one lessons, she had experienced many times that students failed to submit their homework the following lesson. This could be due to the student’s mentality to not do work (not just tuition but school work too), which usually is due to the fact that they themselves are really weak and need guidance. So in Cher V perspective she makes her kiddos finish their work before heading back home. This allows kiddos to clarify their questions on the homework with Cher V. Progressively, they feel more confident as they improve to be able to solve their work independently. 

Practice of getting the kids off the streets. 

Thanks to the unique space at her old home at Tanglin Halt, in 2017, there is a group of students that loved to hang out at her place to crash course for their leaving examinations. This allowed Cher V to practise the community spirit of getting the students off the streets, something that many enterprises and communities been trying to get to. Frat not, the students are more than willing and not being pressured to stay behind for the consultation examinations.