Community Tuition Session @ Commonwealth

Are you worried about your finances (Under a financial scheme in school?)

Worried about your child(ren)’s academic progress ?

Do you stay near Cher V (Commonwealth and Queenstown)? 

If you answered yes to all three questions, fret not! Cher V and her associates are working out on a community tutoring platform for your child(ren). Your child can join us for tuition sessions every Monday evenings from 6-9.30 pm.

How does it work? 

Every Monday evenings from 6pm onwards, Cher V will set up tables at the void deck near her home, where her associates and her will be there to answer and help students with their work. It is a commitment from our end, so we also request the same commitment from the students’ side to be regular and punctual.

This is a tuition consultation practice whereby Cher V and her team will

  1. Clear the student’s academic doubts from school.
  2. Require the student to do some practices  from the assessment book that she required the students to get before starting her lesson.
  3. Do a recap or reflection of what they have learnt.

This tuition session will be a self directed learning platform to assist weak students to gain their foundation and confidence in their learning for the long run. We will be assisting in the progress to clear their doubts and help them get back on the track.

Who are involved in this movement? 

Cher V is getting her reliable friends who have an interest in giving to the community. They range from your regular office workers who work 8-5 pm to students (undergraduates /polytechnic students) who are currently studying.

What are the subjects taught at this session? 

Cher V will be covering the secondary maths and science subjects (except for upper sec chemistry). Gladys, a current undergraduate will also be assisting in Arts and Chinese. We will expand in the variety of subjects offered when the numbers and needs of the students grow.

Why initiate this tuition session ?

There are many academically weak students that can achieve higher grades. Unlike many students who have tutors / tuition sessions, due to the family financial situation, they are unable to get tuition to clarify their academic doubts. Through these sessions, Cher V hope that she can assist more students under financial assistance schemes to achieve better. 

Cher V had seen and heard stories of how students end up under the influence of bad company and bad situations mainly due to their poor results. Through this space, Cher V hopes to be the pillar of support for the students who are about to walk a tightrope in their academics. There is no distinctive differentiation between the students here, except for their willingness to give themselves one last try and push.

Disclaimer :

  1. Cher V is willing to help so long as the child and the parent is committed. It takes a village to raise a child. She does not care about how bad the student is currently achieving academically. She is a pusher who will push for the student’s progress, however, she will expect commitment from the student.
  2. Tuition fees will be a case by case assessment. The range can be from $5 to $10 per session depending on the scale of the family income , the needs of the student and the level he or she is from. Please understand that this is an outreach to students who can not afford the normal tuition rate outside.
  3. This is a not for profit tuition movement,it is under Humblebees initiation. We are not backed up by any organisations, so the fees are collected to channel to other community work that we have in planning.
  4. Cher V is fluent in Chinese, and can converse in Hokkien and Cantonese. If you have friends that you want to recommend, but might have conversational barrier, fret not. Just ask your friend to drop Cher V a call (91822903).