Cher V’s compilation book

What is Cher V’s compilation book all about?

Cher V had compiled questions from top school papers from the year of 2013 and beyond for Primary 3 to Primary 6. She categorised each and every question into different topics. These become additional materials to enhance students’ way of answering challenging questions that might come out in their school papers.


What will you get in the package?

For science, you will be getting 2 books, one that caters for MCQ, another one will cater for Open Ended questions.

For Mathematics, you will be getting 2 books, one that caters for MCQ and short answers, another one for problem sums


Why categorise the questions from the top school papers?

You can get all the top  school papers from street vendors and online sellers, many parents and tuition centres use them to do time test and drills. However, to supplement school’s worksheets and assessment books, i realised that it will be better if students are able to get extra drills that complements the question and answering techniques from school.

After using this compilation for the past 2 years, i realise students benefit alot. By knowing how to answer better and what is expected of them to score in their examinations.


How do you use the compilation?

I will suggest the following steps  :

For Maths :

  1. Let your child / student get more drills using the MCQ and short structured questions when you are about to wrap up the topic or before moving on to the next topic.
  2. Guide your child / student through some of the problem sums, so that they will get use to the techniques used. I recommend fan-maths process skills before trying out the questions. I find the book useful in understanding and grasping the techniques needed for the particular topic.
  3. After your child / student is comfortable, you can drill or test them by picking out the questions and see if they can solve it. For primary 5 and 6 students, The questions with 4 or 5 marks questions are relatively harder.

For Science :

  1. Let your child / student attempt the MCQ. Usually I will just pick up 10 – 15 questions for them to attempt on their own, as homework when I am about to wrap up the topic.
  2. Go through 5 – 10 Open Ended questions. Guide them through the questions. Circling the question words and key words from the questions. This way it is easier for the child / student to understand what is needed in their answer.
  3. Once you feel they are ready, you can get them to do the OE questions independently.

Should you need extra tips on how to use the compilation, please email me at I will be glad to share tips catering to your child, as every child can benefit from the compilation differently.