Attire and gears

Full attire
taken from Forest school Singapore

Shirt with inner or long compression shirt
We would recommend as much coverage but yet breathable shirt as possible. This aids in protection from insect bites, scratches.

Trekking shoes or aqua shoes.

Pants, compression pants or shorts

We would recommend trek pants, or shorts with inner tights and compression pants. This aids in protection from insect bites, scratches.

Packing list : a backpack with the following

  1. extra mask ( for oops accidental moments)
  2. water bottle with water
  3. Insect repellent and medication. Please refrain from using mosquito patches. *
  4. Snack box. Fruits are a delight!
  5. Cap or hat
  6. Raincoat or Poncho.
  7. 1 extra set of clothes for change
  8. two ziplog bag
  9. a pen or pencil for reflective session
  10. Ezlink card with at least $5 is a must for camp Terra.

*following the initiative of other sister nature group, we are advising against mosquito patches. Patches have the tendency to drop into the forest space, after our children bundle around in the woods. (Alternatively, we suggest using mosquito repellent spray outside the park before entering)