Teaching Style of Cher Dar



Since my schooling years, I have always viewed the English language as a tool for my own self-expression as well as a medium, for me to question and discuss issues that affect our daily lives.

I love inspiring my students to first, use the language as a medium for their own self-expression to encourage their love for the language. Once they have mastered the technique of manipulating the language to express their own thoughts, writing about world issues and other important news will come naturally and with more ease.

During my lessons, I encourage my students to write about articles I provide them with, from established magazines like Times, Broader perspective and from the Straits Times newspaper. By doing so, they are exposed to strong language usage, world affairs and proper sentence structuring.


As a student myself, I have always found mathematics a subject I can experiment with and have fun solving with my peers. My interest grew when we each could find a different method of solving a sum but still got to the correct answer.

During lessons, I find it vital to spark the same interest in my students by first allowing them to view mathematics as a subject they can have fun solving with me and not for me. I challenge them to come up with different methods for their peers or even to beat my own timing to solve a sum.

Progressively, my students find themselves being able to understand the logic behind the sum rather than just, being able to apply a method. Most importantly, they have fun during the lessons because they are able to interact with their peers and with me.

Cher Dar will be away for her Studies and will be back in July 2018. Cher V and her kiddos are so gona miss her.