A short introduction to Cher V

cher-vWhat is Cher V? 

Cher V is a vision oriented establishment. Its services branches into two major parts, Cher V’s Tuition (home group tuition services) and Humblebees movement (Community projects / Humanitarian movement). Cher V stems from a special individual, Ms Vivian Lum when she decided to take on the path to inspire people around her to be their very true self and develop their potential to their maximum capacity both explicitly and implicitly.

Who is Cher V and the story behind her name? 

Ms Vivian Lum is Cher V. Vivian had went through a series of interesting experiences during her younger days. These episodes range from struggling with baby sitting her siblings and cousins to working as a stall helper at her mum’s hawker stall to even becoming a head prefect (black horse actually). She also struggled with dropping out of Junior College, not completing her Polytechnic diploma, to eventually completing her degree as an UOL graduate |BSC in Business Management (she even was 1st candidate for her Human Resource Management module hehe). All these experiences finally led to the creation of  the home group tuition (Cher V’s tuition) at the young age of 26.

She never backed away from challenges nor failures. She embraced them all and overcame them, learning from each experiences and emerging better after every fall. Her love and faith for humanity has only grown stronger. Many mentioned that they find her experiences of ups and downs interesting. She is as she is, transparent with her colourful life experiences that she is more than willing to share, when you are ready to hear.

Working as a tutor since 2007, (in the education line for 9 years and counting), Vivian had come across many kiddos (students), some of whom are already undergraduates. Vivian initially took on tuition to aid her financially through her schooling days. However, after interacting with her kiddos especially from days of her as a teacher in student care centers, she fell deeply in love with teaching and mentoring. No matter where she went, her kiddos will call her Cher Viv or Cher V (Cher is a short form of Teachers used by the kiddos in school). She is someone who her kiddos find dependable and a trustworthy adult who they can depend on  for their academics, character and beyond.  Hence, Cher V was born, for she is who her kiddos identify her as and take pride in being an wonderful adult figure.

Currently what is she up to? 

Cher V is now heading a new movement known as Humblebee and at the same time managing a forum known as Question of the Week. She had also launch a mini project called Movies Circles (50 movies, 50 days)  on Instagram and Twitter to challenge herself on social media. You can get to know more by clicking on the links.


P.s Other than being a tutor and mentor, Cher V has more under her sleeves, like : 

A. Facilitation (camps, educational workshops and spiritual ) Humblebees 
B. Ad-hoc counselling whenever the need arises 
C. Event planning and coordination
Do approach her if you need her expertise in any areas, through this page – contact us.