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SINCE 2013


P3 to the highest level of our primary school

From the budding age of 2 when one learns to talk, the little buddy has a phase of why mummy why this, why daddy why that. Like the first caveman that discovered fire. A young one, aspiring with wonder and curiosity embarks on a journey of discovery.

Themes may be confusing, from diversity of the lower block to the most confusing interactions in the upper block. Not only that, the young ones have to know and comprehend more than 20 topics in their conquest of the biggest boss of yet – PSLE

Cher V understand that it is tiring to encourage your kid about studying so many topics, but with her experience and pace, every cycle of revision enhances them to be better equipped for their battle.

Please do note that cher V no longer teaches PSLE maths.

since 2009

Secondary School Maths

sec 1 – 4E/5NA

Elementary maths | Additional maths

From the days of ancient Greece, of whom the mathematical prodigy P birthed Pythagoras theorem. The arithmetic world opens up. With that comes algebra and advanced shortly to calculus.

Maths can sound intimidating especially for the ones that had been trailing behind others since their younger days. It is very frustrating and can be demeaning to one’s confidence.

Give Cher V a chance to build up the bricks in their foundation. within months, more than grades will improve.

SINCE 2010




An apple dropped on an aspiring youth head. Instead of saying just ouch and brushing off his bruise, the bright youth had an ‘aha moment’ in his head.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Issac Newton.

Science had progressed greatly upon Newton whom was not the first of the age of reason, he was the last of the magicians. The days of industrialization had way past us. Today we appreciate visionaries like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. Whom had a fiesty thirst of curiosity and passion of wonder.

Cher V mission is to not ask what her learners want to be, but what problems they want to solve. She brings in real life situations on the projector screen and invoke curiosity. This bridges their knowledge into the realistic world they live in.

Since 2018

Secondary School English

upper secondary only. O and N applicable.

An experience all can be sure of growing up. Noise. Laughter. Shoutings. Cryings. Growing up was a pain in the ass. We wanted to be adults like our parents. The eagerness to have a say. Especially for the older ones towards the younger ones. While the younger ones struggles to get their opinions heard by the older ones.

These social interactions are not just within the walls of households. These interactions of speech, articulation is essential to everyone communicating one’s emotions and thoughts to one another.

the limits of my language means the limits of my world.Wittgenstein

Cher V encourages learners to access articles of interests, at the same time, she broadens their mindset with question of the week to stimulate their thought process for the increasingly tougher English paper. As someone who had struggled hard with English during her younger days, she is relatable to many students who are struggling with assimilation of texts and answering techniques. She is able to let student make sense of this terrifying language. Of which they will be empowered after their examinations.

Her expansion pack

included in her walls of her classrooms :

Mentoring with empathy

Should one ask Vivian what gift is she born with, she will give only one answer – mentoring …

Endless curiosity – philosophical investigation

She admires the Greek gods, and thus her journey towards the ancient philosophers comes as no surprise …

conversational learning

more often than not, we learn through the words of another through conversation …

Critical thinking

critical thinking is essential right now, all the more in line with moe assessment, yet her students screams that she mind f**k them *smirks* …

She believes in the life mentorship of her young padawan (learners), providing a sanctuary that they can be themselves

What her alumni are saying


I only found cher V 4 months before my n-levels. Although it was short, she managed to helped me show dramatic improvements in my results! Cher V is not just a normal tuition teacher, she is more of a friend to me! She teaches us in many different styles and learn to adapt to our learning methods quickly. My examinations are over and I am really grateful that I found her. I miss her lessons and the outdoor adventures we had with forest school Singapore and would love to attend another lesson of hers if i could. Thank You Cher V, youre a inspiration to many! 😁

Jendlynn 2018

Cher V is a wonderful tuition teacher that makes miracle. I was in her tuition for almost 2 years for my N’s & O’s. At the beginning when i first joined, my math and physics were kind of unstable. I was only border line passing. After joining her tuition for both subjects, i improved from a c6 to a b3 for math, and c6 to a b4 for physics. Not only did i improve my grades, but i gained many life lessons from cher v. Cher V was more like a friend to us, she would go an extra mile for her students. She never once complained that she’s tired, she still works hard for us even when she’s exhausted. She would accompany her students to burn the midnight oil until 4-5am.


Stephen png, 2018

This tuition is able to make your character shine while brushing up on your skills in your subjects making you realize the loopholes in question that make it all look simple … In addition of the many events and experiences that you will experience together as a class or a ‘family’

Cher V is not alone

these are her sister companies, more often than not, it takes a village that supports one another unconditionally to create amazing people. She is honored to know these amazing beings in her journey in life.