Education. Academics or beyond ?

Many nights I pondered if life is easier with the current study platforms and structures. I posted this question on my QOTW platform:

What are some subjects you hoped to be taught when you were younger/ subjects you feel that should be introduced to the mainstream?

The answers that came back was interesting.

1. A rider friend of mine suggested that road users should get a riding license first before getting a driving license. This helps the drivers understand a rider’s difficulties and dangers they face on the road better, hence cultivating a better and safer road culture. (You can see an article on the riding here )

2.A kiddo of mine actually came up with this :

I feel… Students should be taught or the school should prioritize love,self love i feel very much that student nowadays are very careless of how they put themselves out there and get hurt sometimes,they should also be taught to face challenges when provided,both in academic and in real life as not many would have the “dare to do” attitude and it rly disturbs me when they are not courageous. This is what i feel ah maybe there is flaw ah but UK we aint all perfect but i accept imperfection as it is 🙂

3. A friend of mine was pissed off by her schoolmates when she went on an university exchange programme. She was pissed off with their inefficiency in managing their room and personal hygiene. So she came up with the idea that ladies have to go through BMT to learn and be trained military-style to get their hygiene routine right.

I was having a conversation with one of my girls and ‘Academic Subjects’ came up. She looked at me and asked, “Why weren’t we taught dialects in school?” I returned her question with, “Why do you want to learn dialect when your Chinese isn’t good?” She said that dialects are a part of our cultural roots, and if its not examinable, she will probably enjoy and learn more.

Then it struck me, “Are exams that important or that keen interest in learning is more important? 😬😬😬 What should be incorporated into our learning culture to ensure an everlasting curiosity to have in our outlook in life?”

Education should be a platform for students to get ready in life beyond that of academics so that they become proactive in learning. This creates unique individuals who are initiated and driven to see beyond their self and become natural explorers to seek what interests them and the community. This brings about satisfaction from within and bring about creativity outwardly.

The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.

There are a few types of learners and how to best learn and be taught.

There are many A students who just study based on books and theories. They excel at academics but fail to learn life skills from their environment and others around them. Basically, it helps when we are keen learners in life and not just in our academics. Let us cultivate a proactive attitude in learning and be passionate students of life, that beyond of textbooks and theories. Learning does not stop when we leave school. On the contrary, the learning officially starts when the school of hard knocks commences at the very moment we stepped out of school.


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