Of Life

Visions of the future.
Remnants of the past.
Actions for the present.
Consequences of past actions.
Its time we stop pointing fingers at each other.
Its time we stop and think, but start taking action.
The environment is more than just our own, the means is hurting the ends too much.

How much longer are we willing to hurt Mother Gaia?
How much more do we need to sacrifice before the leaders take their word to protect her?
How much more needs to be translated to the masses that we are not the forms of society, but a citizen of earth herself?

Think beyond, stop thinking for ourselves.

Think for the environment, the trees, the nature, the very lives before us that are not humans doesn’t mean that we are not responsible for them.
Karma will hit and it will hit us hard.
How much had they gave us? And yet how much did we gave them back?

Only when the seas are dead and black,
Only when the bees stop buzzing and trees are bare,
Only when the skies are red,
Only when there is no air?
We are in it too late?
And we are in it no matter what.

Just bloody wake up your freaking idea and look beyond the fucking materialistic life and see that we had f***ed it up.
The problems and issues are too much, and it takes every single humans to do it right back for Mother Gaia.
F***ing humans which also includes myself. Need to wake the f*** up.

Clear the mess.

And STOP pointing fingers at each other, take up that duty and responsibility.

Say no to commercializing,
Say no to materialistic lifestyle,

Say yes to nurturing of nature,
Say yes to minimalistic living.


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